Missouri IRP & IFTA (MO Trip & Fuel)

State Pricing for Trip and Fuel Permits

Missouri 72-Hour Reciprocity Trip Permit - $49.50 Interstate

Required for carriers based elsewhere that do not have Missouri on their IRP cab card. Must have prior to entry into Missouri. Valid in Missouri only.

Missouri 72-Hour Special Fuel Permit - $49.50 Interstate

Carriers that do not have an IFTA license must have a fuel permit for each state when operating interstate. Drivers must have this permit prior to entry into Missouri – even if they are based in Missouri and are coming home. Valid in Missouri only.

Missouri 72-Hour Combo (Trip & Fuel) Permit - $59.50

Carriers can request a combination of 72-hour reciprocity trip and fuel permits.

A 72-Hour Permit can be issued for Reciprocity Trip and/or Fuel permits. Permits are necessary for carriers based in another jurisdiction when traveling into Missouri who are not properly registered for Missouri. This permit allows interstate and intrastate movements. Seventy two hour permits are vehicle specific. The permit cost is determined by permit type(s) selected. Permits are valid for 72 hours/3 days. Missouri currently has no limitation on how many permits can be purchased before apportioned license or IFTA license must be purchased. The State of Missouri does not provide refunds. Coast2Coast does not provide refunds.

When is an IRP/IFTA permit required?

  • Carrier operates in two or more jurisdictions

  • The power unit licensing weight is 26,001 lbs., or higher

  • The power unit has more than two axles regardless of licensed weight

  • The power unit is used in combination and the said combination is 26,001 lbs. or higher; or

  • The power unit performs commercial intrastate movements in Missouri, regardless of licensed weight

Exempt Vehicles

  • Farm registered vehicles (IRP ONLY) – Used to transport agricultural products produced or property purchased by the owner for use on his/her farm

  • Commercial vehicles – Traveling entirely intrastate (within a jurisdiction) - such as those used for city pickup and delivery vehicle(s) or vehicles that display restrictive plates, which have geographic area, mileage or commodity restrictions

  • Recreational vehicles – such as motor homes, pickup trucks with attached campers, and buses when used exclusively for personal pleasure by an individual. In order to qualify as a recreational vehicle, the vehicle shall not be used in connection with any business endeavor

  • Government owned vehicles (IRP ONLY). • Crane/Special Mobile Equipment- If it is a true crane/special mobile equipment (equipment that is not generally plated) no permits are required. If it is a truck (plated unit) with a crane lift (i.e. hauling bricks, lumber, steel, etc…) than it is required to have IRP/IFTA license/permits


Penalties can range from $100 to $500. Are you planning to do business in, or travel through Missouri? If you have a vehicle registered outside the state of Missouri, regulations state that temporary trip (IFTA) and fuel-use permits must be purchased before you enter the state or else you will be subject to seizure of your vehicle. If seizure of your vehicle occurs your vehicle will not be released until all money is paid to the state.

Instant Permits

Instant Permits offers you a safe, secure, and immediate way to obtain your temporary fuel and trip permits. All you need is access to the Internet and you can purchase your temporary permits online. Simply download and print your permit, or we can email or fax it to you. You can also buy trip permits online using the same quick and easy method.


Instant Permits provides a fast and easy way to obtain your Trip and Fuel permits. Not in your office? No problem, with Instant Permits you can get your permits sent where ever you need. Instant Permits also provides access to all of your past orders for record keeping.

Permit Sample

Missouri Permit Example

Required Information for Obtaining an Instant Permit

By state law, both company and vehicle information are required to obtain an instant permit.


  • Company Name

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip


  • Owner/Lessee

  • VIN

  • Operator/Driver

  • Make

  • Year

  • License #

  • Base State

  • Unit #